DETECT, NOTIFY, AND CONTROL are the key components of an essential fire alarm system. Seconds matter when an emergency occurs and first responders take crucial steps to protect you and your assets. Fire alarm systems play an integral role in this protection. Code compliance means "minimal requirements" and we exceed these standards in our design, installation, and maintenance to ensure that if an emergency occurs our system works perfectly to detect, notify and control essential components, providing you enough time to get to safety and protect the heroes that rush to the rescue.

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Commercial fire protection is a code requirement that should never be an afterthought. Our NICET Certified experts will get to work on the design, installation planning, and AHJ-compliant inspections to keep your system up to date. The IQ-Pro3 process will keep you up-to-date and trained at every step.


The days of a flashing light above you that starts beeping at 2 AM are over. Our residential smoke detectors fully connect as part of a whole-home smart ecosystem to keep you protected 24 hours a day. Our residential fire application includes the IQ-Pro3 process to ensure protection for days, nights, and years to come.